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Another Tutorial!  This time on something I love love love doing.  Shaping wood to make props!

For non visual learners:
Step one
I took a 2x2 and used Big Red, my hand planer, to shape it into a cylinder. Then I tapered one end down to a point. Using a planer is really very simple once you adjust the blade to the height you like. Also, wood likes to be shaved in one direction more than the other. DON”T FIGHT IT. go with the flow you hippies.
I use a glove because I  have enough callouses already.  And beware, the blade is VERY SHARP.  I’ve sliced off part of my knuckle before!

Step Two
cut the 2x2 down to 7ft to accommodate the height of my banner while still giving me room for the spear tip to not hit an 8ft ceiling.  If you are planning to cut a piece down anyway, do it after you plane it. It’s a bitch to plane the cut edge

Step Three
I’m making a spear tip. So I cut the outline out of Plastex. Anything stiff will work,  the back board from a notebook also works well, or a thin flexible cutting board. This is just a reference shape and base to build up on.

Step Four
To save money and supplies, I add bulk with tinfoil and masking tape.  It will also lighten the overall weight of the prop.  After that I put a 2 part epoxy resin over top, but it isn’t necessary.

Step Five
WOOD FILLER!  I’ve never used Bondo, but I think they are very similar.  This is another 2 part preparation. The ratio is about a golfball size of the putty to a 1inch squirt of the activator in the tube (just follow directions on the can)  This shit is toxic!!  Try not to open it in your closet, go outside or have good ventilation.
Spread that stuff all over your project quickly.  This says it has a working time of 10 minutes, but really it’s like 5.  Smooth it with a gloved hand and wait the 15-20 minutes until it dries.

Step Six
Redo step 5 and 6 until you have a beautiful smooth finish

Step Seven

Congrats!!! You’re done!

Checkout all my progress over on my facebook page


this might be the most random thing I ever post but.


I was a goober and ordered the wrong color of this sweet piece. It’s human hair with a fine lace backing, nice and thick, called a “medium” brown, though I would put it more towards the dark end, with warm and dusky undertones. Haven’t even taken it out of the bag. Bought it for 35, asking 25 OBO, and I’ll ship it to ya for free. 

what do I even tag this? 

you’re right Siffy, that’s a new one.



My birthday is nigh and I thought it would be fun to give away one of these fancy blogger boxes (designed by the amazing kayte-ghaffar) to celebrate. The branded wooden box contains three candles (soldier: siberian moss, summoner: rainwater, saint: orange chili) for those long Ravkan nights, and a sampler that includes the prologue and first three chapters of Ruin and Rising.

To win it, just reblog with hashtag #ruinandrising or tweet with the tags #ruinandrising AND #fireandfrosting (you do not need to tag me in the tweet!).

I’ll choose the winner at random this Sunday, April 6th. Which is also (ahem) my birthday and the season premiere of Game of Thrones.

And yes, this is an international giveaway because birthday.

(photo credit to balibaby4)

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